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by Batkhi Dahn

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released April 15, 2015

Hayden - Vocals, guitar, fuzz bass, drums, banjo, chord organ, singing saw, casio, percussion, feedback
Evan - Drum machine, casio, melodica, stylophone, percussion, noise

Recorded at Middle of Nowhere Studio in Bethany, CT and produced/mixed by Evan

Album art drawn by Quinn Harley and titled "She's Got Curves in All the Wrong Places"

All songs written by Hayden



all rights reserved


Batkhi Dahn Bethany, Connecticut

Batkhi Dahn plays experimental emo psychedelic freak folk punk.

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Track Name: Happy Chemicals
The girls have sang, and the boys have fled
The pay from the dad ain't the best
You are a leaf, and sometimes you seek
How bad you've been to your daughter

Oh, you standing there
I think you need some happy chemicals
I think you are such a charming person
You need something to brighten your mood

Now you are gone, and I am in Tucson
Waiting for the dog to leave
And the cats played hooky while they shot
A picture from the 40th century

Moss is growing, the saws are singing
You can hear them ringing from my lawn
Goddamn, oh golly, you can hear them
Smoke and steal is on your head
Track Name: Little Tiny Lady in a Big Black Vest
Mark said it's a sad and beautiful world
It's true, my friend, I am patient
Your hooves are so red, I'm in pain with you
Let's go out my baby

Oh, let's go

Sometimes, you have to die or fall off of the face of the earth
But you're such a charming guy
Jumped out in the forest, Brazilian wood at his fingertips
Sometimes it's made of gold

Only you, nobody else will discover me
Track Name: Yip
Breakthrough, I want your pieces
I want them now, break, break, break breakthrough
And so, I decided to restore you

Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead
Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead
Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead

Flanger on your voice constantly
And blue semen from the courtyard
Teenager, but she's got hair like Madonna

Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead
Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead
Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead

Jump in, jump in, jump in

Yip she said
I'm not dead
Yip, yip she said
Put on that goddamn record
Yip, yip she said
I'm not dead

Yip, yip, yip, yip

Sing a song, drop a penny in her ear
Track Name: Buy Her Coffee
Look at that girl, I'm gonna buy her coffee
She got tan legs, and a dress that looks like hell
She had spiders in her home, but then she got her mother
To help her out, to help her out

My mother would never do that ever again
Only orange and all that moonshine

Five years old, got her first dress
Like that video of her depressed

Sometimes, I'd like to die with her
But she is blasted
But she is blasted

I'm gonna buy her coffee

Bye bye, she said
I said my real name is Jeff
Bye bye, she said, but Bulgary
Bulgarian imported meat
Track Name: Country is Dead, Welcome the Disco
Real things don't matter
When I show you
The tide has fallen
The time is never

Real propaganda is the
Fake life I want to live
Goddamn, your such a blind shelf
Full of your waste and eyes

Only you, only me
Only you, only me
Only you, only me
Track Name: The Witch is Gone
Oh darling, you are my home
Curmudgeons and pigeons
Come over to me, don't diss her
Instead, go over and kiss her

Try to stay out of my way
But don't go away
You've detail, but no retail
Time to throw that goddamn mic away

I am back with
Her tongue glued to my head
I will die, cause my brain his her tongue now
Time to snap her brain in half

Be good, boy
Track Name: She Died on Easter Sunday
Are you made of plastic , she said no
It's all a lie, she still said no
She said where will you go in the future
I dont know, but it will be someday

I'm wondering, heart nail gun metal
Track Name: Get Work, Find Plans
Bring me my notebook
Shook and I took my CDs
Pulled up to the panties
Then I jumped and I stabbed my appendix
I took a lady
To the Big E
Then I burped into you

Some people are scared
They don't know what can be impaired
I wanna show you the way
into the real parade

Saw this time
This was a good opportunity
I jumped out of the car and
All of the sudden, I was dead
I was purple
My eyes were red and stoned
I felt it was a need to get loaded

Only my smacking father
And my grandmother will understand
This thing called me and you and
We are voting now and we are

Get work, find plans
This is romance
Get work, find plans
This is romance

I said this is romance before
And I wanna throw you out the door

Get worried, I wanna have him be like Elliott Smith
Track Name: Swan Conformity
Halls of people tell your life
Wings of birds in disguise
Cosmic killings, guitar strings
Keelic fire, rings and rings

I could move away from your heartache
It's because you are the one for yourself

I went down the drain
Finding you and yours in reign and pain
I want to go down there
Experience anguish and despair

Oh, I am so ready
I protested for my right to leave the city

Spread the germs
Around the towns
Track Name: I Woke Up in a Race Car
Black light, live right
I'm gonna shove it to the curb
Incense, incest
That ain't a verb

Blue child, shine wild
I see white vans
Maybe, dead meat
Will do a dance

Codfish, sweet dish is fine
Race car, guitars will die
Pink thoughts, fresh pot is here
Long John breathmint look here

Gel love, Bessie White
My soul
My soul, your toll
Is bright

Vic Coss, Rick Ross
Are gone
My idols, my tolls
And my son

Codfish, sweet dish is fine
Race car, guitars will die
Pink thoughts, fresh pot is here
Long John breathmint look here
Track Name: Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
I am Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
I stare at people all day
I am Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
I make the people go to Santa Fe

Hear the school bell
In your face
You know that you are
A big disgrace
I know that you
Are my chair
And we will
Share a moment

I am Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv
I don't know who I am
I don't know about myself
I don't know who I am
I've never been identified before